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Wanna-be Celebrity's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Wanna-be Celebrity

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[11 Oct 2002|10:09pm]
(ooc- owner od wc please remove me thankz
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[29 Sep 2002|05:01pm]

[ mood | content ]

[ I'm no longer RPing here. I suppose all of you will do the same. I'll still maintain the community, but no one ever updates so I'm moving Brit to a new community. ]

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*poke* [05 Sep 2002|05:30pm]

Anyone alive??
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[01 Sep 2002|11:24am]

[ mood | ditzy ]

I added TONS of people to the community.

I'd like to welcome:
Eminem m_mathers_
Gwen Stefani platinum_rocker
Leigh Clarkson leigh_clarkson

And these two are really late but here you go:
Seth Green (we allready know and love him) seth_g
Mandy Moore mooremandy4you

Oh yeah, I woke up. ;)

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[24 Aug 2002|09:10pm]
yup so my friend gwen stefani got herself a journal so add her~! platinum_rocker
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NEW PEOPLE! ;D [10 Aug 2002|04:32pm]

[ mood | cold ]

We have SO many new members!! Everyone be nice to them!!

Especially sex master Wade!! ;) *points to icon*

[ If you have created a journal and you haven't been added, please IM me on bedazzling brit and tell me your name, celeb, and that you haven't been added yet! Thanks! ]

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[06 Aug 2002|12:06pm]
[ mood | awake ]

Hey everyone! We have a new member

Melissa Shuman (from dream): mel_shuman AIM: melliehottie

Make her feel welcome, y'all!

That's all for now.

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[05 Aug 2002|06:56pm]
[ mood | not gonna state the obvious ;) ]

hey 2 new people joined. Welcome them!

My boy Chris - Kirkpatricky

And Michelle Branch who is tight as hell - meech_branch

Add both of 'em!

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hey yall [05 Aug 2002|02:37pm]
just wanted to let everyone know lance bass an jamie lynn speas are in the process of geting journals their lj names are.....thebasstronaut and Miss_Jamie_Lynn
so be nice to them
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Pink! [31 Jul 2002|06:42pm]

[ mood | lazy ]

Hey y'all! Pink has joined us. Add her to your friends list. rockin_pink Welcome giiirl :)


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ooc [28 Jul 2002|05:57pm]
Does anyone have friends that want to join? have two extra Codes. If you do, Comment.
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